Incoming 19.03.10

From Dan Anderson “…and it’s a portrait of Scot Breithaupt, who is credited as being the person who organised the first ever BMX race. He kind of sums up what I love about BMXs and bikes in general… anything’s possible, just get on and go for it.”

From Camelia Dobrin

From Ant at Hold…”when I was around eleven, just before christmas, my Dad took my old grifter and said he had sold it. I wanted a bmx for christmas. On christmas day, my dad rolls out my old grifter sprayed purple and with yellow tyres… gutted. I go out side to play and my best mate rolls up and a brand spanking new mongoose bmx with white skyways. It was the first time I had ever wanted something so bad it hurt..”

So much more than A > Beautiful Machine – from Andy Cooke

From Spilsbury

2 Responses to “Incoming 19.03.10”

  1. 1 Matt Booth March 19, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    I feel your pain Ant. I didn’t necessarily want a BMX (that’s a lie), I just wanted a pair of Skyways.

    Ah the grifter, I loved my blue one. A few things though…
    1). Why did it have a white slip gear?

    2). How great was it tucking the front mud guard up on to the tyre to make it sound like you were riding a motorbike? An engineless motorbike.

    3). Why was my dad so worried about me going up kerbs on mine? The bloody thing was indestructible, they use less metal in todays tanks.

    Bring back the Grifter!

  2. 2 lee March 20, 2010 at 11:47 am

    I’d completely forgotten about the mudguard motorbike effect! but I do remember completely bending the forks over when i went off a 3ft drop on it. Thats when it was time for a BMX.

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