An evening with ABM 01

So…the launch…well, it launched! A petit and bijou affair I have to say but I think it struck the right chord and I hope we can gather momentum over the course of the next two weeks. It seems to be constantly work-in- progress and I like that. We’ve added more speakers to the roster and artwork continues to come in so it can’t be anything but. Friday then, was something of a soft launch and every talk night will be the same, I suppose, building to the climax on the 9th of April. Tim March came and delivered what can only be described as genius. His seated, no-visual monologue was the stuff of legend. Funny, real and passionate…whether he thinks so or not, he set the bar for everyone to come. Thanks mate. Amy and Xanthe from Cyclodelic were there adding a bit of glam to the proceedings delivering an inspirational talk on Cyclodelics beginnings and their take on what NOT to wear for the discerning female rider.

So – it has started. From small things big things grow. The audience is as important as the speakers. There is a message to get across so be part of it. Tuesday evenings talks are an all-female affair with an amazing line-up. You cannot miss it. We obviously want as many ladies there as possible but I think it’ll be interesting for all. Cycling isn’t just for the boys! These girls will show you why!

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