An evening with ABM 05 – PARTY TIME!

Sponsored by Bristol Beer Factory and Havana Rum – The night everyone has been waiting for. 5th in a series of 5. The closing night. Party time!

The theme is epic rides and so apt for this event as a whole. Its been a roller coaster ladies and gentlemen with its incredible highs and interesting lows. On the whole I hope we all feel better for it. I certainly do. Its intention was to instigate discussion and I can safely say it has done that. Bristol, the UK’s first ‘Cycling City’, is now connected. Thank you to everyone who has taken part; the speakers for their time and inspiration and the public for turning up and being part of it. Thank you too to the artists who have contributed their wares for auction – the show looks fantastic!

An Evening with A Beautiful Machine 05 is the end of my involvement but hopefully the beginnings of something bigger. Three incredible speakers. Lots of booze (obligatory). One very interesting DJ (he might not thank me for this) playing the tunes that kept him going around the globe! I hope the howies store is rammed! NOT TO BE MISSED!

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