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More Soundbites

Some soundbites

Further Auction items!!!

Last Friday saw a brilliant conclusion to A Beautiful Machine, the celebration of all things bike, in the Bristol Shop. However the Bike art auction continues until Friday. And we have an exciting addition. Some of our friends at Charge, Hope Technology, Brooks of England, Rapha and The Ride Magazine have chipped in with some goodies to add to the auction. The lovely Charge Plug Freestyler is a demo model in tiptop condition and The Bristol Bike project have built a beautiful machine for the auction, otherwise all other stuff is brand spanking new.

The idea is to auction the goodies right here (much like the art auction). We will update the blog as the auction hots up.

All the money for this part of the auction will go to the brilliant Bristol Bike Project, which helps under privileged kids in Bristol build and own their own bikes.

What we need from you is just an amount (your bid). And the best way is to email your bid directly to the Bristol shop at

There are two items that don’t have images, they are.

A Rapha classic jersey (you can see it here they cost £125 from Rapha

The Ride Journal have offered five copies of the next issue in the auction, please bid for one and we will get it mailed directly to you on publication.

Charge Plug Freestyler

B17 Special (Black) Brooks saddle

B67 (brown) Brooks saddle

Hope Vision One LED front light- £15

Bike build by the Bristol Bike Project. Starting bid £250

Final night

Last Friday saw the final night of A Beautiful Machine.

Rob Lee is one of the UKs most successful endurance cyclists. He is about to take on the West Highland Way double (there and back) which is a non stop 190 mile ride which includes 28,000ft of climbs. Not for the faint hearted that. Follow Rob at

Graeme Raeburn is the designer at Rapha, a super keen rider. With an understated approach: he says he does it just for fun, and yet finished 14th in the national 24hr time trial last year (clocking 416 miles).

The final speaker was James Bowthorpe. Last year James took on and beat the Round-the-World record for riding around the globe. His main reason for taking on the record was so that he could raise more for his charity (What’s Driving Parkinsons?). He has so far raised £135,000 for the charity. It’s wrong to talk too much about the statistics of these rides because all three talks last Friday were from top people driven by the love of simply getting on a bike. However, I know that you would like to know that James rode 174 days (including rest days) averaging 113 miles a day. He totalled 18,065 miles. JB did a little DJing to round off the evening playing the music he rode to on his epic journey. You can add to James’ fundrasing total here

(Thanks Nick for the words and pictures!)

An evening with ABM 05 – PARTY TIME!

Sponsored by Bristol Beer Factory and Havana Rum – The night everyone has been waiting for. 5th in a series of 5. The closing night. Party time!

The theme is epic rides and so apt for this event as a whole. Its been a roller coaster ladies and gentlemen with its incredible highs and interesting lows. On the whole I hope we all feel better for it. I certainly do. Its intention was to instigate discussion and I can safely say it has done that. Bristol, the UK’s first ‘Cycling City’, is now connected. Thank you to everyone who has taken part; the speakers for their time and inspiration and the public for turning up and being part of it. Thank you too to the artists who have contributed their wares for auction – the show looks fantastic!

An Evening with A Beautiful Machine 05 is the end of my involvement but hopefully the beginnings of something bigger. Three incredible speakers. Lots of booze (obligatory). One very interesting DJ (he might not thank me for this) playing the tunes that kept him going around the globe! I hope the howies store is rammed! NOT TO BE MISSED!

Buy tickets for An evening with A Beautiful Machine – 05

An evening with ABM 02 & 03 in photos


Enlightenment – Cycling City Project

The area of Greater Bristol received the UK’s first Cycling City status in June 2008. The status was awarded jointly to the two councils in Greater Bristol – Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council.

Cycling City is not just an award – it is an opportunity for everyone in the region. The total funding of £22.8 million brings the potential for unprecedented levels of innovation, involvement and creativity.

Bristol and South Gloucestershire councils are looking to double the numbers of regular cyclists in Greater Bristol in a number of areas.

They are doing this by:

  • building new and improved infrastructure
  • running events
  • working with businesses
  • working with schools
  • advertising
  • providing training and
  • funding community projects.

For a summary of the project’s first twelve months, you can watch this short video below.